Bitcoin ETF Approval & Deadline Dates

Bitcoin ETFs have all been approved. Trading begins January 11, 2024.


For historical purposes, here are when the ETF deadline approval dates were. The SEC approved all of them on January 10.

ETF/Fund Month Day Description
Ark / 21Shares January 10 Final Deadline
Bitwise January 14 Approval Deadline
Blackrock / iShares January 15 Approval Deadline
VanEck January 15 Approval Deadline
Wisdomtree January 15 Approval Deadline
Invesco Galaxy January 15 Approval Deadline
Fidelity January 15 Approval Deadline
Valkyrie January 17 Approval Deadline
Pando Asset February 8 Approval Deadline
Blackrock / iShares March 15 Final Deadline
Bitwise March 14 Final Deadline
VanEck March 15 Final Deadline
WisdomTree March 15 Final Deadline
Invesco Galaxy March 15 Final Deadline
Fidelity March 15 Final Deadline
Valkyrie March 19 Final Deadline
Hashed March 31 Approval Deadline
Franklin Templeton March 31 Approval Deadline
Global X April 19 Final Deadline
Hashed May 30 Final Deadline
Franklin Templeton May 30 Final Deadline
Pando Asset August 21 Final Deadline