Bitcoin Infinity Day

What is Bitcoin Infinity Day?

Every August 21, bitcoiners celebrate ‘Bitcoin Infinity Day”.

Bitcoin Infinity Day celebrates the concept of bitcoin as the world’s best and only currency, wherein all value is denominated in bitcoin.

To celebrate this holiday, bitcoiners are encouraged to either buy or hold on this day and refrain from selling any bitcoin.

Why August 21?

August can be represented by the number 8, since it is the eighth month in the year.

If you turn an 8 sideways, you get the infinity symbol (∞).

In this case, infinity represents all of the current value in the world - everything.

Because many bitcoiners believe bitcoin should be the currency of the world, they use this metaphor to imagine what a bitcoin would be worth.

That is where the ‘21’ comes in from August 21st.

There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins in existence (in practice, there will be far fewer than this).

So…we divide the infinity of all possible value (everything) by 21 million.

infinity divided by 21 million
Infinity divided by 21 million

By doing this, we can imagine a bitcoin being worth a lot of value (denominating in USD no longer even makes sense in this scenario).

Or as @DocumentingBitcoin put it:

There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin in supply, and the demand for them is ever increasing — to infinity. ∞/21M on 8/21.

Origin of Bitcoin Infinity Day

The origin of this holiday appears to come from an August 10th, 2021 tweet from Bitcoin author Knut Svanholm.

knut svanholm makes first tweet about bitcoin infinity day